About Us

Minecraft Center is a spinoff of the popular site Total War Center that began as a single thread in the Other Games forum on TWC during the alpha stage of Minecraft. Within a few months that single thread had thousands of posts and TWC was asked to create a Minecraft subforum so things wouldnt be so crowded and hard to find. That sub forum attracted dozens of regular posters and the post count inside that forum soon passed several of the Other Games forums. It wasnt long before members of the TWC community got together and formed a multiplayer server hosted on a member’s personal machine from his house. Over the course of a year or so the Community Server changed hands and management personel a few times, went through the growing pains of learning how to manage griefers and player disputes and everything that goes along with Minecraft.


With the launch of the Bukkit project and all the plugins, GrnEyedDvl got involved and decided to provide an officially hosted TWC Minecraft server for the members of TWC. TWC purchased a dedicated server large enough to handle a large number of players, set up some subforums inside the main Minecraft subforum, and together with a hand picked group of server moderators and admins set about building a PvP world, a Creative world, and a Collaborative world. More than a year has passed since then, and now TWC is proud to spinoff the Minecraft sub forums into a new site: Minecraft Center.

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