Minecraft Center Servers


Minecraft Center will provide several servers that are free to play. Players will be required to register on Minecraft Center to play on these servers, and forum interaction will be crucial to fully enjoy the servers we provide.

PvP Server

The Minecraft Center PvP Server runs a customized version of Factions along with several other plugins, some developed specifically for MCC. Players can create a faction or join one of the numerous factions already established.

Creative Server

This is what you would expect of a Creative server. A place where you can claim land and build to your heart’s content. You can allow your friends to build on your land as well, or build solo. What you build and who you allow to build is entirely up to you.

Collaborative Server

Coming soon! This will be a server in the style of a single player game, except your friends can help you. This is a player vs environment world where each player can claim a parcel of land and build in the traditional style of mining and crafting. Player land claims are protected from other players unless you specifically allow someone to build on your land.

Tekkit Server

Coming Soon!

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