MCC Dev Diary #6

PvP Map Preview

Here’s a preview of the map we’ll be using for the PvP World. The map itself is 6k x 6k. Portals from the SZ/Adventure Map will be placed at NSEW and the center of the map. Furthermore, the SZ will physically be on the Adventure Map.

The map itself was created by Josstwc, with the map outline initially being derived from ‘A Free Old Fantasy Map’ by asheesh.

To view the PvP Map, and Screenshots of it, please visit the Dev Diary thread in the forums.

New Rule Book

  • Do not cheat. The only allowed mods on this server will be announced in a dedicated list.
  • Do not abuse glitches.
  • Do not multi-account/play on the server with more than one account.
  • Do not share your account with others or use someone else’s account.
  • Do not combat log. Logging out in situations where combat is about to start, or at great risk of starting, is also prohibited.
  • Do not intentionally log off in claimed enemy territory.
  • Do not spawn-kill.
  • No excessive use of obsidian.
  • No excessive griefing. Strategic griefing is allowed (griefing specifically to allow you to reach or kill your enemies). Harboured ships count as buildings for the purpose of this rule.
  • Do not slaughter other towns’ herds in claimed land. Horses may only be killed in battle.
  • Do not intentionally fall to enemies in an effort to sabotage your nation’s or town’s war efforts.
  • Do not siege/set up siegeworks next to enemy locations when their defenders are offline. Analogically, do not attack anchored (i.e. unmanned & immobile) ships.
  • Two nations cannot go to war with each other if they had a peace within the last seven days.
  • Do not create permanent redstone clocks. Clocks can still be created, but must be turned off when not in use.
  • Outposts may only be created within 8 chunks of their mother town’s outer edge.
  • Do not found new towns closer than 25 chunks away from the outer edge of any other other town, unless with said other town’s mayor’s consent.
  • The incitement of any offense can be punishable. Every case will require individual judgement and offenders will be held accountable depending on the circumstances.
  • Mechanicum will adapt the rules at their discretion should they see the need.
  • Moderation will interpet the rules at their discretion and in accordance with the spirit of the server.
  • Moderation will take further action to preserve the spirit of the server should they see a pressing urge.

Adventure Map Preview

All of the locations pictured below are within the area we will be releasing for the server’s launch. There are many other locations within that area this aren’t shown here. While some locations are indeed a collection of buildings, major areas have extensive dungeon and underground components.

Available as an Album Here, or on the forums.

Other Changes
  • Due to an issue with Towny’s code, it will not be possible for one nation to be involved in multiple wars at a time. This functionality is intended to be added in post-release.
  • Towns may now be founded with just a single member.
  • Gunpowder and potentially other materials will be made craftable from mining products. The exact recipes will be posted with the how to play guide prior to the server’s launch next week.
  • As part of their loot tables, mobs will drop experience potions.
  • Town/Nation embassies will not be implemented initially.
  • Rebellions will now be handled directly within the war plugin we’re using, thanks to the contributions of Plugin Staff’s newest member, Noxer. Creating, joining, and executing rebellions are all as simple as typing the relevant commands; no moderation intervention or approval is required. This replaces the rebellion system originally detailed in Dev Diary #4
  • There will not be a limit on how many chunks a town can claim, regardless of how many citizens the town has. This is contrary to what was originally announced in Dev Diary #1.
  • The way Defense Points are calculated has changed from what was originally announced in the 3rd Dev Diary in order to accommodate the lack of a chunk limit. After 200 chunks, the amount of DP gained from chunks decreases exponentially. Players will be able to easily check how many DP’s their towns receive from owned chunks by typing “/twar showtowndp”. This new equation, as well as other values related to towns, will be continuously re-evaluated post launch.

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MCC Dev Diary #5


Developer Diary #5

When the planning stages of the new update for the server were put in place, we looked at what we could do overall to improve gameplay for the players. What could we do to make things like the economy, combat, and nation building better. For the economy we implemented the Adventure World as a place where people could go to farm money and resources without the need to spend hours in a mine grinding for it. To create better nation building we switched to Towny, which gives a much needed revamp to the political intrigue. Finally we come to the combat, we looked at all sorts of things we could do to improve this particular aspect. The team spent hours testing various plugins with different setups to find things we could add to the server to greatly expand the current realm of combat on there. Through this testing we came out with three things that we were going to change. The first would be another overhaul of the combat plugin, which will come out during the beta. The second was the addition of the Cannon Plugin within parameters to make them styled after early cannons. The third was adding sailable ships onto the server.


One of the most important gameplay changes to the MCC Server will be the addition of cannons. Manual tnt cannons have long been a part of siege warfare on the server, but such designs are rather clunky in comparison to the cannon plugin we will be using, an example of which is pictured below.

The primary advantage to using these cannons is that they are much more accurate, as the direction of each shot can be adjusted by single degrees in any direction. Further unlike cannons in vanilla Minecraft, these aiming adjustments take no additional gunpowder or tnt. However, since these are modeled after early cannon types they can vary drastically where they a structure the farther away from the target you are.

There are three types of shot available to be fired from our new cannons: cannonball (cobblestone), high-explosive (stonebrick), and tnt scattershot. The cannonball has a higher piercing before it explodes, allowing it to pass through the hull of an enemy ship, or into an enemy tower before exploding. The high-explosive round allows you to do more brunt damage to a wall or ship at the direct exchange of range. The scattershot is the most expensive shell, however, it allows for area suppression on walls and a faster way to break through large sections of walls.


The second major gameplay change is the addition of sailable ships. With this new plugin, players are able to build large ships capable of transporting multiple people and mass quantities of goods at a time. These ships can be small, little more than a rowboat, or large, up to the size of a thundering frigate.

To build a ship, you will need three things: wood (for the hull), wool (for the sails), and a stick (for steering). Players are able to build their ships in any style they wish, so long as they adhere to a few simple guidelines (in the interest of fairness). The number of blocks comprising a ship determines what ship class it is, which in turn determines its speed and cruising capabilities. When a ship takes too much damage, losing more than 40% of the blocks comprising it, it will sink.

The most exciting thing about the addition of sailing ships to the server is the fact that they can be used in conjunction with the cannon plugin. This means that players can add cannons onto their ships, loading and firing them in between movements. This not only allows for naval bombardment of coastal structures, but also for naval confrontations between enemy ships to erupt into cannonfire.

Statement Regarding the Nether

The nether will not be featured on the new map. There are a number of reasons why this will be the case, the most pertinent of which I will explain here.

First, the map will be smaller than previous maps. This has the double effect of increasing the chance of portals from different towns and nations overlapping, as well as reducing the need for the nether as a means of transportation in the first place.

Second, there are new modes of transportation, including the introduction of ships and the reimplementation of NSWE portals onto the map from the Safe Zone. These serve to replace the transportation function of the nether.

Third, all resources that were previously found in the nether are available as loot on the Adventure Map (both from mobs and from chests). This ensures that all players have equal access to the resources found in the nether. Previously, the nether was generally gutted of all nether wart and all blaze spawners were claimed within the first few days of each server’s launch, leaving those resources in short supply for players who joined afterward.

Finally, as towns can only claim chunks next to existing claims, it would be impossible for terrestrial towns to have any sort of permanent presence in the nether, as nothing could be claimed there.

While the loss of the nether will undoubtedly be unpopular for some, its primary purpose, quick transportation over long distances, is largely unnecessary. The materials found within the nether will instead be available on the Adventure Map, where they will be available to all players, rather than being locked away behind the claims of a group of players who joined the server when it began.

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MCC Developer Diary #4

Rebellions and You

In the event that your town is conquered by another nation and you are unhappy under their rule, it will be possible to organize a rebellion from within to secure your independence. The reason for your defection can be nearly anything; perhaps your new nation’s taxes are too high, maybe it doesn’t offer your town any representation in its decisions, or your townspeople simply don’t get along with your conquerors. Normally, you’d be forced to wait until some other nation came along and conquered you in order to be freed from their clutches, but even then, you’d still be subject to your new conqueror.

When planning to rebel, the first thing you should generally do is contact other towns within your nation that you think might be willing to rebel alongside you. Naturally, doing this may be somewhat risky, as the towns you contact may inform the leader of your nation, but without support from other towns, you’ll be forced to rebel alone against the full might of your nation. Alternatively, you can conspire with another nation to secure their support of your rebellion. If you do so, you and any other rebelling towns will join that nation when you rebel against your current nation, placing the two in a state of war.

After gathering all of your supporters, you and every other town/nation involved in your rebellion must PM a moderator confirming your intent to rebel. In addition, each rebelling town/nation must make a payment of $10,000 to GrnEyedDvl (a non-playing admin) and include a screenshot of it in their PM. This payment serves both as a limiter for rebellions, giving them a real cost that discourages towns from spamming them too often, as well as providing a reward for nations that successfully defeat a rebellion against them, as the money paid to GED to start the rebellion is given as a reward to the defenders.

The Rebellion Process will work as thus:

1: Nation A conquers City B
2: City B decides to revolt
3a: City B pays GED $XXXXX, takes a screenshot, and informs moderation (via PM)
3b: [Other cities within Nation A, and potentially other third party nations can join this "plot" by making their own pm’s before it fires]
4: Moderation hacks City B out of Nation A, places it in a new Nation C, and sets the two at war
5a: If Nation A is victorious, they receive $XXXXX and City B cannot revolt again for a set period of time (2 weeks)
5b: If City B is victorious, they and any other rebellious cities are freed.
6: City B decides to revolt again, repeats steps 1-4
7: If Nation A is again victorious, they may appoint a mayor of their choosing to rule over City B


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MCC Developer Diary #1


With the 1.7/1.8 update there will be a massive change to how wars and nations operate on the server. The current war goals system will be completely scrapped in place of something much better that is also completely automated. To go along with this Factions will also be going away, in lieu of a much better system. To achieve this we will be moving our server over to Towny with an add-on to allow wars to be fought over towns, in much the same way that Factions currently allows wars to be fought over individual chunks.

A major feature of Towny is that the money of the world becomes more important than items, and the warfare will be adjusted as such. People will no longer be able to declare war on somebody and then proceed to loot all of their chests, as looting will be disabled. This should also promote people actually staying online to fight as well, since they won’t have to worry about an enemy getting into their base and taking everything. Coupled with this is a function of Towny that makes it impossible to wait out a war into white peace by not logging in. If you refuse to log in to fight or surrender during a war for long periods of time it will wreak havoc on your towns economy and eventually will result in the town being disbanded.

However, the main reason for the switch to Towny is that it allows for a much more diverse political and battlefield landscape. Since wars will be fought over towns switching hands, border towns between nations are going to see a lot more action, which means they will be more likely to change hands over a long period. However due to the way Towny works, the residents of that town will still get to keep all of their buildings and simply become a part of the conquering nation.

In addition, Towny also allows for a Flag War which effectively acts as a raid on another nation. When a town attacks another town or nation under a flag war will spawn a wool block over the area being attacked. This flag will turn from green to yellow then red to let you know the status of the fight. If the attackers manage to win then the defenders will have to payout a set amount to the attackers, however if the defenders win then the attackers have to do likewise.

Altogether, this means that players of all interests will be able to find a niche on the server. Peaceful factions that would be content just with building their lands up and trading can do so without fear of ever losing their lands or items to outside invaders. Warlike factions that seek to plunder and take their wealth from the hands of others can do so via flag wars. Imperialistic factions that intend to forge an empire can do so, peacefully integrating or forcefully subjugating other towns into their regime. But the benefits of switching to Towny are not only at the macro level, as there are a plethora of new tools available for players to take advantage of within their own towns and nations.

General Overview of Towny

Players will be able to found a town with two players. After doing so, they must join or create a nation, as towns must be part of a nation in order to participate in warfare. Only one town is required to found a nation, allowing for city-states to form. When a nation is created, the town that founded it becomes the nation’s capitol. The leader of each town is its mayor, and the mayor of a nation’s capitol is the nation’s king.

When founded, a town will start with one chunk and then pay to expand out from there. A unique feature of Towny is that the amount of chunks that can be owned by a town is tied to tiers which are determined by the number of players in a town. Towns also get a bonus from the amount of people in the nation they are apart of. For example, a town of two people on their own will only be able to have 16 chunks. However if they formed a nation with their town they would get an additional 10 chunks to work with due to having a nation of that size. Another unique feature of the town system is that Mayors of towns can set up plots in the town for members of the town to purchase and be the only ones able to access and edit that chunk. This goes along with setting up shop chunks that can be bought by residents of other towns to set up shops in a different town as well as arena and embassy chunks.

Nations and towns both have their own banks and must pay a daily upkeep to avoid being disbanded. The upkeep cost is based on the number of chunks in the town (or towns in the nation) as well as the number of players. In order to pay this upkeep, mayors and kings are able to levy three different taxes from the players under them. The first is a flat tax, where a set amount of money is taken from each player’s personal account. The second is a percentage tax, which takes a set percentage of money from each player based on their total wealth. Finally, there is a plot tax, which charges a flat rate from each player based on the number of plots they own in the town. Mayors can choose which types of tax to implement, as well as how much to charge.

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1.7/1.8 PVP Server Announcement


In order for Minecraft Center to fully take advantage of Minecraft’s 1.7/1.8 updates, a map restart has been deemed necessary. Seeing this as an opportunity to make Minecraft Center the best it can be, MCC’s Administration set about planning for the update with several goals in mind: improving moderation, promoting a better sense of community, making it easier for new players to adapt to the server, and making the server more fun to play on. The changes that are in store are comprehensive, and the 1.7/1.8 update will be the largest MCC has ever seen. We will be releasing a small series of Dev Diaries containing information on the upcoming changes as we draw closer to MCC’s 1.7/1.8 update, the first instalment of which will be posted next week.

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Well here it is, the long awaited changelog for the changes coming to the PvP server. Many of these are based on our experiences of the new system(and some of its grey-areas or problems that have arisen), as well as suggestions raised throughout the community. We hope you enjoy these changes, and we hope they address many of the key issues you raised. So have a read through the changes below, and join up and experience them first hand.

- Minimum Manpower at which factions can be declared war on has been raised from 50% to 80%. This is to stop opportunist wars where factions pile on someone when they are at really low manpower and try to steal a bunch of provinces from a faction.

- Manpower loss per death is being raised from 20 to 25 in an effort to make provinces changing hands more like territory changing hands in a larger campaign instead of every province lost or being fought over constituting a major war.

- There will be a new War Goal Option called “Submit to Wargoal” where an opposing side can accept a wargoal being put upon them. This will be restricted so that it can only take place when neither party is at war with a third party.

- Manual annexation will no-longer work.

- Shop prices have been adjusted

- Payday will now pay .75 for Stone

- Voting for the Server will now net you 300-500$ a vote.

We hope you enjoy all these changes. If you have any feed back or want to discuss them, visit

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